Coil Tag edited

the coil-tag , used to recover a shifted cyberbody , usable at 3 meteres

Metatags are spelltag-like pieces of cybersubstance that are mostly made by Megabaa and Tamako. Metatags are made out of Metabugs that are fused together and rolled in a machine.

Tag Kinds Edit

Coil Tag Edit

The Coil Tag is the rarest of Metatags, as the primary Metabug for it no longer exists. Only Megabaa , Tamako and Haraken are known to have them, but only Megabaa has ever made them. She had one in her Megashi store, but it was used to return Kyoko's cyberbody to her real body.

Wall Tags Edit

Wall Tags, such as the Steel Wall and Brick Wall tags, are one of the most common tags, often used by Fumie to protect herself from Kyuus and Satchi. They do not directly affect the real world, and can be destroyed by Megane-beams, certain Illegals and cyberweaponry, though the Steel Wall is shown to be much more durable than the Brick Wall.

Megane-Beam Edit

The Megane-Beam allows the user to shoot a blue beam from their forehead, much like the beams Satchi and the Kyuus use to remove Obsolete Spaces. There has only been one type of Megane-Beam seen so far, used by Fumie and Yasako. It has a ten-second use before it needs to charge.

Barrier Tags Edit

Barrier Tags have not been seen much, but it is known that Megabaa has a large amount set up around her room and her Megashi store. They stop Illegals from entering, though it is seen that they can be broken by the presence of enough Illegals.

Resistance Tags Edit

Fumie uses one of these to give extra protection to her servant, allowing it to survive inside an Obsolete Space. It is unknown how effective it is, though Oyaji shows no glitches or bugs after entering the Space.

Traffic Tags Edit

This tag changes any green light to a red light, making it one of the few cybersubstances seen to affect the real world. It also changes red 'Don't Walk' signs into green 'Walk' signs, making it possible to cross the street faster.