Ken'ichi Harakawa (原川 研一: Harakawa Ken'ichi, also nicknamed Haraken) is the president of the Biology Club, and is the Coil Dennō Detective Agency's fifth member. The polar opposite of Fumie, he is shy, reserved, and secretive, especially of his personal connection to Searchmaton. Haraken is personally vested in researching internet viruses and illegals on behalf of Kanna Ashihara, his childhood friend, who died by traffic accident under mysterious circumstances in the previous year. He is secretly tormented by the idea, that a part of Kanna may still exist somewhere on "the other side". He begans to have feelings for Yasako but is distracted about the Kanna's Incident; his aunt, Tamako, is primarily worried about the instability of his health as related to his heavy usage of the glasses.

His seiyu in the Japanese dub is Romi Park.