Kanna Ashihara is a girl and childhood friend of Haraken who was killed in a suspicious traffic accident in 2025. She had been working on a project with Haraken at the time of her death, and they never shared their love with each other, but Haraken was depressed and emotionally engrossed in the circumstances of Kanna's death and how he could apologize to her for an event which preceded her death in close succession, even if it meant that he go through dennō coil in order to reach her. His endeavor to voluntarily subject himself to the phenomenon eventually involves Tamako, Yasako and Isako in their attempts to prevent him from doing so, but he eventually gets through and Yasako is sent to retrieve him. He eventually does reach Kanna's cyberbody (or soul) in the Coil Domain, and she consoles him toward returning to the real world, asking Yasako to keep him safe.